God's favorite hymn

Well here it is at long last Psalm 23, 'The Lord is my Shepherd'. It is an incredible Psalm sung more times than any other hymn in history, and quoted by so many people. There are many wonderful chapters and books out there explaining this Psalm, but you will find that there is no historical meaning. The Bible is full of the psychological drama of salvation and not necessarily history, and so each word can be expanded to mean many things, address and awaken many thing sin the conscience. I've heard that all the attributes of God are hidden within 23rd Psalm for example: God our Healer, God our Provider, God our Vindicator and is symbolic of how complete God is in our lives, He is the g

Pulling down strong holds

I once read that pulling down strongholds was the demolition and removal of old ways of thinking so that the actual presence of God can be seen and I think that at this tender age of life I am beginning to suss this out and what it means. The Greek word for stronghold, literally, means a fortress. It is used in the Bible as a metaphor to represent the things that are based on human confidence and pride, as opposed to the reality of God's spirit or guidance. Therefore strongholds are fortresses that exist within our minds. They are extremely supportive thought-patterns and ideas that govern our lives, our communities, and our churches. It basically means that they are ideologies, and are

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