The relevance of the creeds In life I have often wondered if any of us, if not all of us really do know what we believe? We buy the uniform, we put in the appearance, we conform to habit, and tradition, but how many of us in our life times have sat down and really discussed, or put pen to paper and have tried to formulate succinctly the things we believe? We say the Apostles creed often in the church, especially on Communion Sunday, and I know for a fact that many frown when they are not asked to say the Apostles Creed, the look of disdain that comes over the faces of those who are perhaps, ministers, retired ministers, or elders. But when the look comes over their faces my question has alw

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It has been a while since I posted any new blog, however, I continue in adding to my study of the Westminster Confession of faith, with a very interesting question; "why did the Reformers receive and retain the Creeds without any hesitancy? Let us see what we have uncovered so far! During the centuries without doubt the Creeds were held in great esteem. In the middle ages they were one of the fixed elements in the catechetical instruction by the Church. Alongside the Ave Maria, the lord's prayer and the ten commandment, where all children had to learn the Apostle's creed. No-one would have ever thought of challenging the doctrinal part of the churches life. Where the Reformed church did

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