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If you are one of the growing number of young adults who identify yourself as “other” when asked about religious affiliation, this is for you. For unlike those who claim to be atheist, you are, perhaps, more honest with yourself, than you think. Where in all honesty you have come to realize that as a human being you are already hardwired to be religious, but at the same time, hesitant because you do not like the choices on the menu.

It seems that not one religion seems to give a complete answer, some embrace certain aspects of life such as science, and liberty of speech where others can't. There are that many branches of Christianity it is impossible to know the difference each claiming to be the true church of Jesus Christ. "Fat theologians and thin theology". In saying this I once attended a funeral service where literally the preachers struggled to fit into the pulpit. Though I couldn't question their theology I could surely question their waste size,

But the thing is how does it all fit, not the preacher into the pulpit but everything we have and see in society today? How does the quantum physicist fit is quantum mechanics in with say what the bible says? And literally that is where we lie, how does it all fit in without creating conflict between one and the other?

Create your own religion?

It is a question posted lately, where in a sense we all do it, but is religion a matter of pick an mix? Is there not a truth in Christianity that we cannot see, for I do think its not so much finding the right answers that count, but the right questions. For as one scientist says, "it is not the answer that counts most but the right question". We could ask all the wrong questions and often we do, but breakthroughs are often achieved not by asking the same old questions but new ones. As he once said, ask the right question and you get the right answer, ask the wrong question and you will certainly get the wrong answer.

So I am saying to you ask the right question and you will get the right answer, but understand this the wrong question can lead us distinctly in the wrong direct, but continue to be honest with yourself, because believe it or not we are all wired up to be religious, its all in the genes, nut this world we live, how does it all fit in together, modern tech, modern issues and all this fundamentalism we see, science? there must be a truth in it all.

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