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The Trinitarian framework

I know that my blogs are slow but at least they are concerning, for sometimes we write better than we preach. So far we have noted that the Creeds of the church came by a slow gradual impasse, which grew gradual and slow as history developed. However, in that short space of time a Trinitarian framework had developed from the simple understanding of I believe in God the Father... and in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son.. and in the Holy Spirit. This was the framework that in a sense has carried the church throughout the decades, and still formulates our beliefs even to this day.

But many of us are unaware of this each time we profess our faith, and how important it is for us to formulate our faith. Its a formula that prevents us from slipping, and is a tract of words that we cannot refute, all be it we can almost believe in anything, it prevents us from making mistakes.

Alas, it does not seem the case today with so many trying to re-write it or add their own confessions, changing, ignoring and at worst defying in the face of adversity where the primary target on the church today is the attacking of its structure . That is, we either believe in it or not and if we do not believe in what the church centuries ago formulated them what do we believe in, for as I said ages ago it is very difficult to formulate what we believe onto a piece of paper.

Yet the church has its beliefs, some universal, and some not so quite clear, but the one way in which we all react in this world to what we believe is tat we have a belief of some kind. So the church gives physical and literate evidences of what it believes. To be a Christian we sign up to them through baptism and the confirmation of our faith and literally ordination. But how many of are aware that when we sign up to other things we go against what has already been said. So may be it is up to us to look at things more carefully in the future, and as Christians do we really know what we have signed up to and what for?

Its very interesting that when half of us are asked what do you believe, how many of us cannot answer right away, can you and how can you keep that answer tight and compact and come up with something that says it all? The answer is sometimes we can't, our faith may a simple one, but how do you put everything you feel, you believe into words, and that is what the essence is when it comes to the Westminster Confession of faith and any of the other faiths. Think about it! What do you believe, not what I believe but what do you believe?

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