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Christmas in the Church

Hi it wouldn't be for me not to miss an opportunity to write just before Christmas. Christmas for me brings up a lot of issues, and even though perhaps only a very small amount of people actually read my blog, its good to get things of your chest so to speak.

Christmas always presents itself a danger not only to ones bank account but also ones health physically a and spiritually. Getting the message right, lending yourself to the right words for not everyone who celebrates Christmas even though they have been told a million times, celebrate it for their reasons and their reasons alone. For some there is no reason except it is a time to gorge yourself, empty the super market shelves, buy as much food as you can, that you will never eat and put it in the bin.

Others out of sheer sentiment will wallow in self pity and anxiety and drink themselves into a stoup-per, and ponder what they have missed out in life. Others Christmas is simply an excuse to party, and enjoy life.

Each year, however, ministers like myself will be planning, pondering how to fit all the things we have to do, trying to make time for extra-ordinary Christmas parties at nursing homes, lending our churches to Schools, and servicing Funeral services without offending those who do not come. Where the moral obligation will be upon them rather than upon Joe public to respect and observe Christmas as it ought. There will be no holes barred, for those obsessed with Christmas, and what will happen as in the past, Any minister, that includes us all who speak against the gluttony, will be taken from our Christmas lists, for being naughty and not nice. But each year those who never darken the door of a church will use and abuse it, strip it of all its dignity, and demand everything from it and when it cries out rape, will be ignored.

Like each year and every year this year will be the same. The church has never denied anyone Christmas, it has always opened its doors in respect to other peoples races and all walks of life. The things is our story does not change and cannot change, not like the world's story of Christmas, changing its mind all the time. Always coming up with a new slant, a new way of presenting this time of year. Some of the slants I enjoy, some I see the home grown truths., but in some I see the abuse, and a deep penetrating darkness invading it each year. The name Jesus Christ is filtered into every home, only to be rejected. where we want everything it presents and represents, but want nothing to do with the host that provides it, God and his church.

Think about the church this year, think about St Ninian's it may not always be here.

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