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Wedding Services



For both parish's the appropriate Registrar’s office is at Service Point The Court House Nairn IV12 4AU. You will need to contact them direct to make an appointment to lodge the forms.  All being well the Registrar will issue a Marriage Schedule shortly before the wedding. It should be collected by the bride or groom and brought to me as soon as possible.

This is the document that we will sign on the day, and without it the marriage cannot go ahead. It’s as simple as that! After the ceremony the Schedule must be returned to the Registrar within 3 days and a Marriage Certificate will be issued in due course. The fee for this process is currently £70.


Most couples like to arrange a rehearsal, usually late afternoon or early evening a day or two before the wedding. This is a good opportunity to bring along the Marriage Schedule, and also the other fees required for a Church wedding. This is currently  a donation of no less than £275 to the church.  If you are a taxpayer and kindly sign a declaration form, we can claim Gift Aid on this at no further cost to you. Also, it is customary and completely voluntary to leave flowers in place for the following Sunday service. Prior access for florists should be arranged through the Church office. Please be aware there may be another wedding the same day – this is not uncommon and just requires an extra degree of co-ordination. 


It is essential that we meet up to discuss such details as the music to which you will come in and go out, and the hymns and readings to be incorporated into the service.   


The Church does not regard marriage as a sacrament and ministers are free to marry people who are not members of the Church of Scotland. However, if neither the bride nor groom is a member of the Church, the first approach should be to the minister of the parish in which one or other of them resides. In places where parish boundaries are not obvious, the local presbytery clerk should be able to advise.


In most circumstance the Church of Scotland permits the re-marriage of divorced people in church.

To arrange one of these services

Contact the Minister Rev Tommy Bryson. The Manse, Manse Road, Auldearn, Nairn.

Tel : 01667 451675.

Email :




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