The Importance of Faith

Like many in today's society I often wonder if faith really doe matter. Are Creeds and Doctrines really necessary? Does it matter what a man believes? Many of these questions have already been asked before, and in most cases the answer is no. Where religious belief seems to them little or no importance. So long as their neighbor is nice, decent and honest, it doesn't matter what he or she believes. So long as they are employed, their employer provides fair conditions of work and pay a salary, his belief or want of belief is immaterial. So in a sense we are just a number, or at best a given commodity, and electrician, a plumber, a nurse or an accountant. But many happenings in the world toda

Eternal life

'Consummation', what on earth is consummation? Often if not most of the time though we are unaware sometimes we never see the advantages of understanding all of what we believe. As you may have gathered over the past few blogs I have been speaking about what we believe, and I have at length tried to describe the importance of the creeds to us. where over all the subject of belief is a very hard subject in deed for any of us to get to grips with. So what I want to do in this blog is point out its discrepancies, how belief plays an important part in our lives. Consummation is by definition the action of making a marriage or relationship complete by having such a strong tie that an intercour

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