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Eternal life

'Consummation', what on earth is consummation?

Often if not most of the time though we are unaware sometimes we never see the advantages of understanding all of what we believe. As you may have gathered over the past few blogs I have been speaking about what we believe, and I have at length tried to describe the importance of the creeds to us. where over all the subject of belief is a very hard subject in deed for any of us to get to grips with.

So what I want to do in this blog is point out its discrepancies, how belief plays an important part in our lives. Consummation is by definition the action of making a marriage or relationship complete by having such a strong tie that an intercourse happens. That is a unity is formed, whether it be physical or spiritual, often in human relationships are concerned it is both.

In a sense our relationship with God is similar, and note the word similar, but some what different, In scripture it tells us that God's holy spirit has to dwell in us and we in him, so consummation in the religious sense is when our relationship with God is complete or has come to a completion.

In short that is where our confession of faith plays its part, knowing what we believe and knowing we have a complete faith in God in which our relationship or our consummation is affirmed. So therefore it is imperative that you know what you believe in this world or have at least explored that belief.

That is why Jesus said I am the vine and ye are the branches because he knew that consummation was the greater part of our belief. That is in order to have eternal life we had to be at one.

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