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Healing in the Ministry

Right from the beginning Jesus ministry was almost all to do with healing. Over the years I have encountered a number of people professing to have this gift from professional consultants to ordinary ministers and I often wonder what the difference is between the gifted and the wishful thinker.

Once the word got out Jesus attracted thousands simply because of His healing ministry. Over the years I have looked at it very carefully, and researched it thoroughly and have come to many conclusions that it actually works on a very profound level. One that is impressive, but on a level you would not believe is the hypothalamus.

Explanations such as having a gift or some other form of association with a spirit or some kind, to the wishful thinker often renders it fake, phony or false. In plain truth something spiritual happens, however, inside those who are healed and the healer and as far as I have gathered is associated with the hypothalamus. Its a small glad like, nut shaped glad, that is in the brain. It governs almost everything. It works on the basis of extreme quantities of electro-magnetic fields, and currents. It produces them, inter-acts with them, and basically manages all our functions exactly as a CPU in a computer. Google it!

Health wise, when our health goes wrong, almost on all levels, the trillion and trillions of frequencies generated are either amplified, hampered with or come up short because of interference whether it is internal or external. Decease, physical damage, stress, fatigue, all play a wide part in our health, where the hypothalamus governs it all, raising or even lowering our temperature, our blood levels, and to some extent controls our aging process, but regardless of its function, the hypothalamus is involved in almost everything we do. To the extent that nowadays, its research has become extremely intensive with many GPs giving up their practices to concentrate on hypothalamus clinics. As one well known consultant said, "a happy healthy hypothalamus is a happy healthy person".

In everything I do I always look for a rational explanations of things. When Christ did something or touched someone He did so in a particular manner, and there were even times when there was no need even touch his patients or those who were seriously ill like the Centurions servant. So there is something remarkable and important going on which He does, and is dong something that alters our physical reality, and health. In all the books and papers I have read over the last 20 years on the hypothalamus, the hypothalamus seems to be the key. But Christ had something remarkable inside him, whatever he did he was able to sort, heal, adjust, make-do and mend whatever had gone wrong. He was a remarkable being, and so I often wonder why people are so dismissive of the healing ministry and especially of Jesus Christ.

For me, a product of our modern times, I often wonder what people think of the healing ministry? For there is an incredible mechanics to life out there, and it is all interactive and interwoven within the very fabric and substance of life. If we would only listen and learn, and understand rather than treat everything with suspicion and superstition. Jesus said, look, "verily, verily, I say unto you the kingdom of God is within, the kingdom of God is at hand, every hair on your head is accounted for, trust in God trust also in me, Oh ye of little faith".

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